Get to Know the Mer-ko Systems!

Posted in Mer-Ko Decking Solutions  |  April 3, 2016

A lot has changed since we acquired Mer-Ko Shur Deck and Weather Deck systems and we think for the better! We have brought these two systems in house to continue improving on the success of 30 year old systems. We know what it takes to make your deck sparkle, rain or shine. 

Shur Deck
Metal lath reinforced roof and walking deck system designed for use over plywood or concrete substrates. This high-performance system provides long-term durability and waterproofing protection using a latex modified polymer mortar to minimize cracking over plywood or concrete substrates. Utilizing a wide variety of finishing techniques, this seamless, skid resistant, crack-resistant, waterproof walking surface will complement any design with functional protection and aesthetic appeal.

Weather Deck
Floating slip-sheet roof and walking dual membrane deck system designed to isolate the waterproofing from the substrate, eliminating concerns related to reflective cracking and surface imperfections. For use over almost any existing substrate, it maintains system integrity when exposed to thermal expansion/contraction, moderate seismic movement, or substrate settling. Ideally suited for new construction, renovation and reconstruction projects.