Project Profile – Beauty on the Beachside

Posted in Mer-Ko Decking Solutions  |  April 25, 2024

In Redondo Beach, California, a lovely beachside condominium community, Casa Bahia, overlooks a stunning ocean view. Throughout its 40+ years standing, the building underwent several maintenance upkeeps and repairs, especially regarding protection against the misty ocean breeze. 


Addressing the Issue/Challenges 

The building’s 4000 square foot courtyard deck required waterproofing resurfacing. Westcoat rep Bill England worked with Craig Schlumbohm of Pacific Construction Analysts to find the perfect solution. Originally, the project specified Westcoat’s MACoat system; however, after removal of the entire deck system, applicators WICR Riverside discovered concrete precast panels with wood-filled large expansion joints. Bill initially recommended full removal of the concrete panels and a split tab waterproofing system be installed to better suit the unusual substrate. However, considering budget constraints, the HOA, Pacific Construction Analysts, and WICR needed a more cost-effective solution.  


The Solution – Mer-Ko® Weather Deck 

Mer-Ko’s Weather Deck emerged the next best option. Not only was it a financially viable choice, but its ability to also “float” over the substrate presented a seamless solution. Prior to Weather Deck installation, new door pans, deck to wall flashing, and significant sloping with MK-10 Underlayment Cement were required. Once these preparatory measures were in place, WICR Riverside was able to proceed with the system application.  


Residents of Casa Bahia can now walk with confidence knowing that their safety is ensured and recognized as a priority.